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We are American Rhino. Our mission is to preserve African wildlife by funding the most effective local conservation organizations in Kenya and beyond through sales of our high quality goods and apparel. Every purchase you make directly helps #savearhino. It’s about wearing your heart on your finely crafted sleeve. Every time you wear American Rhino, you are telling the world that you support saving African wildlife from poaching.


“Buy a hat, stop a poacher.” It was a joke on the continent but it gave me an idea. Founded by Chris Welles in 2016, American Rhino was created to help end illegal poaching of rhinos in Africa. Welles became passionate about rhinos and African wildlife in 2007 when his family took a trip to Kenya. There he was challenged to participate in the Rhino Charge, an off-road motorsport competition that raises money for Rhino Ark. As the only American team, Welles accepted the challenge and received loads of support from family and friends. He has participated several times, each time, noticing how excited and engaged people were to support the cause. His youngest son created a logo, the American flag in the shape of a rhino, and they gave out stickers and hats as thank-yous. Then, a business was born. He realized if people are this supportive, he could really make an impact and help bring rhinos and other animals back from the verge of extinction.

How We Give

Quality clothing can make a difference in the survival of endangered species. It lets other consumers know that you care about African wildlife preservation, fund conservation groups that have an impact, and want those unaware to learn about these challenges, so they’ll join in the cause. Ten percent of sales are put towards the foundation. We are focused and committed to making sure every dollar is put to good use, which is why we fund specific projects and organizations that we know. By 2015, Welles had raised over $200,000 for Rhino Ark. After launching the American Rhino apparel brand, the first official grant of $27,000 was awarded to a group in the Masai Mara. The Mara Rhino Team is a group of rangers who protect rhinos on the ground 24/7 from poachers. They risk their lives daily to make sure these animals live. American Rhino gave the 40 rangers new backpacks, boots, uniforms, sleeping bags, water bottles and more. Rangers are essential in the defense of wildlife deep in the bush. We are looking ahead towards our next grant, which will support the families of fallen rangers. American Rhino’s Kikoy collection is made in Kenya in small, efficient factories that meet Fair Trade Guarantees. The fabrics are also GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.

Why Rhinos?

There are two kinds of African rhinos, black rhinos, and white rhinos. Black rhinos are critically endangered. White rhinos are threatened. Their only predators are humans. Traditional Asian medicine believes that rhino horn cures anything from cancer to hangovers, although there is no scientific evidence or proof to support this. Poachers are the biggest threat to rhino existence. Rhino horn is worth more than gold on the Asian black market. We support groups that fight poachers, work on fencing, surveillance, and research of African wildlife so that these creatures do not go extinct. We also look to support the families of the people who protect the animals and in the future, other endangered animals of Africa.


You might trust and respect the work of large non-profit organizations, but you don’t always know what your donation actually does. When you donate to the American Rhino Foundation — either through the purchase of American Rhino gear or directly — your money goes right to the most effective local organizations in Africa and to the very people that make the most difference in African wildlife conservation. Every purchase helps fund our mission to save rhinos.


If you have specific questions about American Rhino apparel and our store, please refer to our FAQs. If the answer to your question is not there, you’ll be able to contact us right away. Purchase American Rhino apparel in support of the American Rhino Foundation.