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Protecting African wildlife for current and future generations
By 2016, we raised more than $200,000 for Rhino Ark. Through the launch of American Rhino apparel, we will continue to provide resources to groups that do the most vital work.

Our mission is to preserve African wildlife by funding the most effective local wildlife conservation organizations in Africa.

Small groups in Africa have the most impact because they directly address the most overwhelming challenges that safari animals across Africa face every day. We believe consumers can play a vital role in preserving alluring, powerful African wildlife. In doing so, we also help to secure biodiversity and the habitats so vital to Africa’s economy and future.

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Chris Welles                 Annie Venditti            Ryan Saunders

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Apply to be A Rhino Rep!
Help us #savearhino! Interested in becoming a Rhino Rep at your college? Click the link below to fill out an application and become a part of the team. APPLY TO BE A RHINO REP