Kikoy Reusable Mask Project

American Rhino has a commitment to giving back and during this time we will continue our mission. This is a time for us to come together and help the local hospitals, shelter and retirement homes to stay safe and healthy during this pandemic. To do this, we are using our apparel manufacturing resources to make Kikoy Reusable Masks.

sewing equipment

Calling All Sewers

American Rhino will provide our 100% cotton Kikoy fabric for FREE to those that want to sew masks. 

We ask that you make one for the members of your household and then donate the rest to your local hospital, shelter, or anywhere that you see fit.

How to Make a Mask

Bissy Riva, our Director of Design has put together a step by step tutorial on how to sewer an effective surgical style mask.

Download the instructions pdf here. 

How to Order Kikoy

You can order your  Kikoy like any other product on Order your Kikoy here

You may order 1 or 2 units. Each unit is approximately 2 square yards, which can make 10 masks. 

We do ask you to pay for shipping which will be around $7 depending on your location.

Find Local Facilities In Need

There are a number of organizations that  have popped up to support mask production.

Here are two that can help you  find local facilities that need masks at and

Help To Spread The Word

Once you have made your Kikoy masks please send or tag us in any photos.

We would love to see you making the mask, and let us know where you donate them. 

Tag or follow us at: 

Instagram: @american_rhino

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Twitter: American_Rhino

How To Use Kikoy Masks

The Kikoy Reusable Masks are not to be confused with the N95 masks.

Kikoy Masks are for precautionary purposes. They will keep people from touching their face, preventing germs from being released into the air (coughing or sneezing), and stop droplets from spreading to others you come in contact with.

The best part is they are washable and reusable! After they are worn we suggest that you wash the mask in hot water with detergent and let it air dry to allow for a fresh new mask.

Make A Purchase With A Purpose

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