American Rhino is a team of modern day explorers who have decided that style should not just make a statement, it should also make a difference. Established by Chris Welles in 2016 as a unique way to participate in on the ground conservation efforts to protect critically endangered and threatened African wildlife, American Rhino is known for producing premium African sourced and produced apparel, footwear and accessories.

The brand donates 10% of all proceeds to the American Rhino Foundation, over 95% of which funds the conservation efforts.

Kenya Connection - Design Inspiration 

Our collections are inspired by the lands we love and the animals we strive to protect. Each season we will focus on a different landscape or setting to exemplify Kenya’s magnificent diversity and expansive geographical range.

Fall/ Winter Collection Inspiration

We set our inspiration at the base of Mount Kenya and built up. A journey leading you from grasslands to highlands, from forest to summit, volcanic rock to gorge valleys, all within the home of leopards and rhinos. Our palette was inspired by these varied terrains and animals, who together, grow in synergy. 

Our current collection encourages exploration for gratification. Journey up with American Rhino and explore the rest of your way into the new year. This season, reach your peak.


Crafted in Kenya

American Rhino proudly sources and manufactures 90% of our products within Eastern Africa. We collaborate with a variety of artisans and skilled craftsmen to bring you ethically made apparel, footwear and home goods. 

American Rhino was founded on conserving African wildlife and preserving the land they live on. Our range of products support traditional craftsmanship while providing a marketplace for local artisans throughout Eastern Africa. 

Conservation, preservation, ethically made - each purchase of an American Rhino product withholds a world of support to the country we love and all those who live on it.

Our Leathers

We partner with Kenyan tanneries who are founded on sustainability programs, sourcing and collecting hides before they become waste from pastoralists throughout Eastern Africa. We ensure that no cattle have been killed for the purpose of our leather goods. We believe that our role in effective conservation revolves around supporting local communities, and by attributing to pastoralists income, we are helping rid any incentive to poach or harm wildlife. Leather goods are a significant product of Kenya’s artistry and craftsmanship. We are proud to be collaborating with local artisans and workshops as they share this tradition with us.

Our Kikoy 

Kenya has provided American Rhino with many adventures. Our biggest, discovering Kikoy. A traditional East African fabric that is durable yet comfortable, American Rhino’s Kikoy is made in the country it represents. Woven from 100% cotton, Kikoy has been cultivated from generations of traditional techniques. While our patterns are inspired by the land that brought us to it, American Rhino’s Kikoy fabric is uniquely structured to your everyday wear as a dependable, durable, and most importantly comfortable cotton.

Our Commitment -  Crafted in Kenya

We curate collections of Kenyan made goods, inspired by the land we love to support the animals and people that live on it. Each American Rhino collection is a collaborative effort. We ensure our partners in Kenya have a say in colors, product design as they are the ones hand crafting each piece. Our commitment to our partners expands the markets that they reach,allowing them to invest in training additional craftspeople.


America Rhino Women's collection Fall 2019