Crafted in Kenya

American Rhino made a commitment early on to work with Kenyan and East African manufacturing partners who embrace environmentally- and ethically-sound practices in order to give back to the communities in the places that inspired the birth of the company.  95% of American Rhino’s collection is now made in Kenya and Eastern Africa, supporting traditional craftsmanship and local artisans. 

With 10% of all purchases going to the American Rhino Foundation, the connection between community and nature could not be more clear. 

Our Summer 2020 Season

American Rhino designs are inspired by the lands we love and the animals we strive to protect. Each season, we focus on a different setting to exemplify Kenya’s magnificent diversity and expansive geographical range. 

This season our inspiration is the Northern Coast of Kenyan on Lamu Island. 
This beautiful Island is found just off the shores of the Indian Ocean and features 15th century ruins, an UNESCO World Heritage site, and one of East Africa's oldest port cities that maintains Swahili traditions.

This collection tells the story of a sunrise stroll through a seaside village, barefoot wanderings over salt crusted rocks, toes sinking into sand dunes, and pant legs dipped in the morning tide. Throughout our story we follow the sun and explore the island’s magnificent elements. Imagine that adventure as you explore the summer collection.

Our Leathers

We partner with the largest tannery in East and Central Africa, which has received a Gold Rating from the Leather Working Group and is dedicated to sustainability and ethical practices. 

They source and collect hides from pastoralists throughout Eastern Africa before they become waste, ensuring that no cattle have been killed for the purpose of our leather goods. Contributing to the pastorlists’ income diminishes their need to earn in other ways, such as poaching wildlife.

Leather goods are a longstanding and significant part of Kenya’s artistry and craftsmanship. We are honored that American Rhino's leather products are infused with these traditions through our partners in Kenya. 

Our Kikoy

A traditional East African textile originating from the coast, Kikoy is a woven cotton cloth, cultivated from generations of traditional designs and weaving techniques. Kikoy customarily consists of brightly colored and striped patterns while accented by twisted tassel fringe. It is a durable and comfortable fabric made for everyday and meant to be used in every way, from sarongs to baby slings to table runners.

American Rhino is the only American style brand to use Kikoy as its main fabric. We collaborate with our Kenyan weaving partner to make an exclusive adaptation of Kikoy that honors the fabric’s heritage while fitting the easy vibe of the brand. This partner is a Fair Trade company and Kenya’s first Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified facility.

We use our versatile Kikoy across our apparel, in linings of bags, even on tongues of sneakers. We love the fabric and we’re sure it’ll be your favorite too!

Collaborative Effort

American Rhino curates collections of Kenyan made goods, inspired by the land we love to support the animals and people that live on it. 

Each product in each collection is a collaborative effort. We ensure our partners in Kenya have a say in colors, patterns, designs, and development. We wouldn’t be American Rhino without the skill and craft of Kenyan artisans. Our commitment to our partners expands their market reach, allowing for further investment into training and hiring. Providing these opportunities in a sustainable practice supports our long term goal in efforts of conservation and the protection of African Wildlife.