An Invitation To President Trump

An Invitation To President Trump


Dear President Trump -

President Trump, Africa is not a shithole and American Rhino is willing to prove it. We invite you Mr. President as fellow Americans to join us on a trip to Kenya. We will pay for all of your expenses, bring the entire family, it’s on us. Just name the date and we will handle the rest. We got it all covered; all you have to do is show up. 

You will find Kenya and the rest of Africa is full of tremendous hard working people with wonderful values just like us Americans. Africans are proud of their heritage, their culture, their families and their counties. Africans are endeavoring to improve their qualities of life in their countries. 

Mr. President you will see breathtaking landscapes with the endangered wildlife that Africans, American Rhino and our customers are working so hard to protect. American Rhino has partnered with committed African conservationists, working together, Americans and Africans. These partnerships are striving to find solutions for the habitat conflict between wildlife and humans. 

 When you join us in Kenya President Trump, we will treat you to accommodations and service that even the Trump hotels and resorts will envy. Please come check it out, meet the people, participate in the economy, play a round of golf and enjoy the wildlife that American Rhino is working so very hard to conserve. We are very confident when you return to Washington or Mar-A-Lago, you will really appreciate that Africa really isn’t a shithole at all. 


Christopher Welles                  


American Rhino



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